Reis Ranch, Penngrove &
Reis River Ranch, Petaluma

Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship
Signature Training
And Boarding

We operate out of two Ranch’s:
Reis Ranch Penngrove & Reis River Ranch Petaluma

Services Offered:

Training $1,250.00, Board $900.00 - per month
Boarding only $900.00 per Month

Boarding ONLY includes: one optional 2-hour group lesson every month, and a trail ride on our beautiful private 630 acre ranch.


Our Universal Horsemanship Training System is non-breed & non-discipline specific. Western or English our goal is for you to trust and communicate with your equine partner excelling in any discipline you choose.

This program is an intensive, accelerated pathway for you and your horse to learn new skills that will help you excel in and out of the arena. Learn in a safe and supportive environment that will teach you how to train your own horse.

Earn certification with four class levels of Round Pen, Ground School, Mounted work and Mounted refined – 16 classes in total.

When you complete all 4 levels of the Universal Horsemanship Training System: You will have created a partnership with your horse that you have only dreamed about!

Presenting 4 levels of
Round Pen

Establishing a working partnership, how to communicate with your horse through your body language, deepen your horses trust through more stimulus.

Presenting 4 levels of
Ground School

Riding from the ground, communicating clear intentions and leadership, introducing lateral work, desensitization techniques, ground driving, liberty work.

Presenting 4 levels of
Mounted Work

Developing an independent riding seat, building your riding confidence, footfall and bio- mechanics of movement, lateral work, bridleless riding, feel, timing and balance.

Presenting 4 levels of
Refined Work

Understanding vertical flexion, introducing lateral with vertical, self-carriage through transitions, haunches in, half pass, flying lead changes.

Your horse will be worked 4 days a week , Tuesday through Friday by Dennis Reis or with your participation in a group or private lesson.


Choose 4 private 1-hour lessons a month– mornings Tuesday through Friday From 9:00 to 11:00

Great option for out-of-town students

4 consecutive 1 hour lessons Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 to 11:00.

Signature program includes:

2023 Schedule

Dennis Reis Signature Universal Horsemanship Training System is open for enrollment and you may enter the program at anytime.

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