Natural Horsemanship Rope Halter and Lead

Natural Horsemanship Rope Halter and Lead
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    Don't be fooled by other similar products on the market. Reis Ranch Rope products are made from the highest quality marine line available. Every halter, ring rope, and progress string is hand tied and hand spliced here at Reis Ranch. The rope we use is designed to hold boats in their docks. The Reis Ranch halter is tied from thinner rope which allows your horse to "follow your feel" with greater accuracy and feel a release of pressure immediately. The 12' lead allows you to perform ground school maneuvers from a safe distance. The extra weight of the lead allows you to direct and send energy accurately to your horse, and the leather popper at the end provides a bigger "bubble" when you need it. A Reis Ranch halter is the single most important horsemanship tool you will ever own. It will enhance your communication and improve your relationship with your horse. The color white is no longer available.