Reis Ranch Horse Sales

Quality, Trustworthy, Well Rounded Horses
Western & English
All Breeds , All Disciplines

We specialize in raising and purchasing sound, nice minded horses and training them to a high level of excellence.

All horses are developed solely by Dennis Reis. Dennis has been riding and training horses for most of his life. He has been living at and holding clinics at Reis Ranch for over 30 years. He has literally worked with 1000’s of horses and humans not just at his home but across the United States, internationally and on TV. His resume is extensive and we hope you will take the time to look at the photo gallery sections on this website to witness his expertise, kindness and skill.

Each horse is brought through our entire Mentor Series curriculum:

Four levels

Four levels

Four levels

Four levels

Dennis is the only civilian to be P.O.S.T. certified and has worked with Mounted Police Units all over the U.S . Utilizing these techniques combined with Universal Horsemanship done a natural way all horses have gone through an extensive Progressive Desensitization training. We want these horses to become an all-round horse, meaning they can compete in Western or Classical Dressage then open and close a gate and bring the cattle in. We want them all to be safe trail horses and also capable of showing or competing . We are not focused on one particular breed. We Spend the time to match your personality and skills to the right horse for you.

No matter what equine activity you want to participate in OUR horses will be:

Trustworthy, responsive, and light to your aids

A horse carrying the Reis Ranch brand let’s all know you own a horse of unquestionable excellence!

Let us help you find the horse of your dreams!

To guarantee your success we include a 5 day training clinic for you with Dennis Reis and your horse.

You need to learn the language of your horse and continuing education is encouraged and always available.

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