Karen Paetz Sitting Crow, PhD

My mother's and grandmother's family and my Native American heritage has been deeply rooted in the horse culture for generations. However, our family ranch located along the Missouri River in the Dakotas was flooded in 1954 as a result of the Garrison Diversion Project. So therefore, our ranching way of life was interrupted, however, the memories of our ranch lifestyle lives on in our hearts and souls.

My name is Karen Paetz Sitting Crow, PhD and I am happy to be once again reconnected with the horse culture as a student at the Reis Ranch with Dennis and Deborah Reis and their L.O.V.E. Signature Horse Program. Being part of this program and spending time with my horse, Dennis & Deborah, other students and their horses is an awe inspiring experience. Their horsemanship training is a stellar program which reaches beyond working with and learning about horses. As a student in this program, I have been able to connect with my personal, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Although my interest and love for horse has been life-long, I didn't have the opportunity to own and ride horses until later in life and in my senior years. So therefore, at the age of 57, I was able to purchase my own horse and begin to ride. The learning curve continues on.........however, a couple years ago I had a riding accident with what I call my "go-to" horse. As an older person who started riding late in life, I thought my days riding a horse were over. The accident had totally destroyed my confidence in my ability to ride nor did I think I would ever ride again. I became depressed and eventually physically out of shape. However, that all changed when my husband and I discovered Dennis and Deborah Reis and their Signature Horse Program. We contacted Dennis and Deborah told them about my accident with my horse and eventually signed up with their program. Since I arrived at the Reis Ranch I am becoming physically fit, increasing my energy and back riding my horse again. I especially appreciate that safety is paramount with Dennis and Deborah. The emphasis on safety for the horse and the rider is a key component of the program.

Dennis and Deborah have designed the program to what I refer to as a holistic approach to horsemanship. The level of horsemanship knowledge they share is phenomenal and their personal interest in their students is an additional benefit of the program. Plus, meeting other riders and their horses offers another level of learning as you watch Dennis work their horses. Although, I have learned much in the few short weeks that I have been here, there remains much more to learn about caring and riding my horse. I am totally immersed in the program, the work and dedication it requires to become a horsewoman. It truly is a life changing experience and one a person can enjoy!

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