Meet Dennis Reis

"I have been working with horses and people who love horses most of my life."

The number of people who ride horses is growing. Some of these people are interested in competition, others are attracted by the pure pleasure of riding. Whatever their interest, people who ride horses share a common bond and a mutual challenge.

Traditionally, the relationship between horse and man relied on various forms of restraint. That approach based on fear and intimidation is being replaced by safer, more productive methods based on understanding the true nature of the horse using tools that communicate with that nature.

I have been working with horses and people who love horses most of my life. I started competing in rodeos on a national level when I was in high school and competed in PRCA sanctioned events. I have worked with many horse trainers, started a lot of colts, and supported my horse habit with a shoeing business.

All of this has given me a lot of experience that allows me to tell you I have discovered a “better way”. I no longer use the traditional methods of mechanical devices to restrain horses and rely on fear and intimidation. I have found techniques that get “better results”. They are based on understanding the true nature of horses and “communicating” with that nature.


Working with You and Your Horse

I begin by leading the horse and its owner through a series of exercises which teach the horse and the owner how to communicate with each other. The owner reinforces these techniques each time the animal is worked. In less time than most people expect, the horse’s natural reactions are being directed into the proper responses.

What I consider I am able to accomplish with this approach is quite significant. However, I measure my success by what those who participate in my courses are able to do with their horses after they leave. Here at Reis Ranch we call these techniques Universal Horsemanship. They are not new. Around the world and throughout history a few great horseman and horsewomen have taught and used these methods.

Our Universal Horsemanship Training System requires less time and puts less stress on the horse because we teach the horse handler to speak the horse’s language. You will be safer and your horse will respond much more fully and reliably with training based on communication. This approach to horsemanship is within easy reach of every horse owner. It’s the heart of the intensive Reis Ranch “Mentor Series” curriculum. We offer Universal Horsemanship Training System Courses throughout the year.