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Dennis Reis, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Peter Campbell, Curt Pate and other clinicians participated in a typical two day Ray Hunt clinic which began with four round pens set up in the area. Each round pen contained nine or ten colts and a clinician for each colt was assigned the task of catching, haltering and getting the colt started. The fact that this potentially explosive process was being conducted in crowded close quarters added an element not common to the usual clinic program.

Spectators that filled the area to standing room capacity included many faces familiar to Reis Ranch including some famous ones-

Successful Tom Dorrance Benefit Puts Clinic Stars in Same Arena

Buck Brannaman, Dennis, Ray Hunt, Peter Campbell at the Ft Worth Stockyards
More than 1200 spectators from as far away a New Zealand paid up to $200 each to watch the biggest names in horsemanship start colts and take direction from Ray Hunt during the weekend of February 24th in Ft. Worth, TX to raise funds for medical expenses and to pay tribute the legendary Tom Dorrance Saturday night included a Texas style barbecue buffet and an auction of many items and which had been donated to the event from a heavily tooled Harwood saddle which sold for over $20,000 to a yearling colt. The event was promoted and coordinated by Carolyn Hunt who, with a staff of volunteers, provided support for a worthy cause; and, in the process, created a historical milestone for the world of horsemanship. Thanks to the Hunts' for a job well done!

Dennis visits with friends in Fortworth, TX.

Dennis and Mike Bridges

Richard Winters, Pat Parelli, and Dennis

Reis Ranch Students:
Deb Cooley, Barb Greenley, and Vicki Wilson

Bill Smith and Dennis

Buck Brannaman, Dennis, Ray Hunt, and Peter Cambell

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