Announcing : Natural Horsemanship Weekend Series with L.O.V.E.

The best of both worlds, hands on instruction with Dennis Reis & Reis Ranch Instructors and sending video to Dennis of your progress at home. Sending in videos and watching the other students live online is optional.

Affordable to your pocket book and Attainable for your time management!

These Natural Horsemanship training clinics will be held weekends at Reis Ranch and all across the United States taught by Dennis Reis and Reis Ranch Instructors. This is a 3 month series which includes 6 hands on days of riding and 12 video evaluation lessons.

We know that all students benefit from hands on instruction and we also know how powerful videotaping oneself is and turning it in for help and advice.

The combination of these two learning models creates amazing results in a very short period of time!!

Let us help you be the best you can be with your horse - this natural horsemanship program will shave off years of time and take you to new heights of excellence with your horse!

Here is how it works:
Ride 1 weekend a month for 3 months ( a total of 6 days - 9am to 5pm each day) working in Round Pen , Ground School, Mounted and Mounted refined work with hands on instruction.

Sending in videos is optional - If you want to take advantage of the L.O.V.E. program you can send in 1 video a week ( a total of 12) Dennis sends you home with home work and you send back 1 video a week for help, evaluation and endorsement in the Mentor Series Home Study program. Not only will you have a live video evaluation with Dennis and the instructors - you will also be able to watch the videos of your peers to learn and support one another through the program!!

For the details on sending in videos click here

The class size is no more than 10 students - these same students work through the program together. Each group of 10 start together on the first weekend and end together on the last. Time will be managed between beginner and Intermediate students.

Cost is only $600.00 per month a total of $1800.00 ( this includes all hands on instruction and video evaluations!)


Each 3 month series is given a "Block number" So that the program you sign up for starts the first weekend of each block through the last weekend of that same block.

You can sign up for as many blocks as you like!!

We are looking for affiliate ranches that would like to host a Natural Horsemanship weekend Series. The benefits would be exponential to your facility as we would drive customer traffic to your facility and advertise on our National TV show, web site and social media. If you are interested in becoming a Reis Ranch Affiliate please contact us at 800-732-8220 for details and facility criteria.

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