Dennis & Deborah will be sharing their love and knowledge of horses all weekend! Watch as they demonstrate using natural horsemanship techniques with their own horses and watch or participate in a Hands-on clinic with Dennis.

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We want you to go home with practical techniques that you can apply
right away to improve your relationship with your horse!

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Saturday & Sunday hands on instruction with Dennis Reis , then sit down
Saturday evening with Dennis and Deborah for dinner and be inspired and motivated
with an evening Natural Horsemanship demonstration with Dennis and students.

Clinic Tuition includes 2 days of instruction.. Special Price *** Two Ride for One price of $600.00
Spectator pass cost $10.00 includes 2 day pass
Dinner tickets may be purchased at the event
NO Dust Club members watch for FREE

Dennis and Deborah Reis want to meet you and your horse in person. Why not at one of their Universal Horsemanship weekends held all across the U.S.A. No natural horsemanship educational system on the market today is as simple, clear or effective as Reis Ranch Universal Horsemanship. And none has the on-going, live, hands-on support.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Dennis Reis to work with you and your horse personally at one of our hands-on Universal Horsemanship horse training weekend clinics.

We want you to go home with practical techniques
that you can apply right away to improve your relationship with your horse!

Hands-on  instruction and demonstrations will include:

Round Pen - Establishing a working partnership, how to communicate
with your horse through your body language, deepen your horses trust through more stimulus.

Ground School - Riding from the ground, communicating clear intentions and leadership, introducing lateral work, desensitization techniques.

Mounted Work - Developing an independent riding seat, building your riding confidence, footfall and bio-mechanics of movement,  lateral work, feel, timing and balance.

Mounted Refined - Understanding vertical flexion, introducing lateral with vertical, self carriage through transitions.

Dennis will meet you and your horse at whatever level you are at.  From the back yard  beginner to the professional Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship offers all level of training. For continuing education to advance your skills beyond a weekend workshop we have year round natural horsemanship clinics.

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Be part of a learning experience that will improve your skills and the relationship you have with your horse forever!

Bring a friend and get TWO DAYS FOR TWO PEOPLE
ONLY $600.00
   regular cost $300.00 per day per person

Space is limited for riders so CALL to register today 800-732-8220

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9am to 10:00am Meet Dennis & Deborah - Introduction
10am to 10:15am Break
10:15am to 11:15am Universal Horsemanship Demonstration
Also broadcast live where advertised
11:15am to 11:45pm Break
11:45am to 12:45pm Universal Horsemanship Demonstration
12:45pm to 1:15pm Lunch Break
1:15pm to 2pm Bits & Bridles Lecture and Demo part 1
2pm to 2:30pm Break
2:30pm to 3:30 pm Hands-on Horsemanship Clinic
3:30pm to 4pm Break
4pm to 5pm Hands-on Horsemanship Clinic
6pm to 7pm Dinner with Dennis & Deborah
7pm to 8:30 pm Horsemanship Demonstration   
9am to 10:00am Questions & Answers with Dennis
10am to 10:15am Break
10:15am to 11:15am Hands-on Horsemanship Clinic
11:15am to 11:45pm Break
11:45am to 12:45pm Hands-on Horsemanship Clinic
12:45pm to 1:15pm Lunch Break
1:15pm to 2:00pm Bits & Bridles Lecture and Demo part 2
2:00pm to 2:15pm Break
2:15pm to 3:00pm Hands-on Horsemanship Clinic
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