Our educational programs are held year-round and students may board their horses at Reis Ranch with full care and services while they are enrolled. Lodging is available and convenience plugs also provided for horse trailers.

Cost $ 23.33 per day

  • Indoor arenas
  • Round Pen
  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Hot and cold wash racks
  • Daily private or herd group pasture turnouts

Service Menu (additional fees apply):

  • Private lessons
  • Horse Training and Exercise sessions for horses
  • Blanketing
  • Feed supplements
  • Vet Scheduling
  • Farrier Scheduling

Reis Ranch Universal Horsemanship is a natural horsemanship educational program.

We are non-breed and non-dicipline specific.

My Universal Horsemanship workshops are taught in an environment where the horse is allowed to express himself. Students learn about the horse's true nature through exercises that encourage the horse to make his own decisions without restraint or force. I also teach skills that enable students to act as herd leader to their horses. Because my students work with the horse's nature instead of trying to control it, they have willing, happy, safe horses. We create the opportunity for students to make their own schedules, learn at their own pace with plenty of time to ask questions and review the progress of both horse and rider.

Quality learning environments make a difference!

One of the most important aspects to safe learning and trust between horse and human is consistency. Dennis Reis has been teaching for over 30 years. He has created a proven system with a step by step curriculum for the students to follow. Having a program to follow both at the ranch and working on your own builds confidence, safety and can create a relationship between you and your horse that you never thought possible.

Utilizing the techniques of Universal Horsemanship you will experience:
Problem Solving, Confidence Building, Leadership skills, Balanced Riding, Horse Psychology, Ground School Awareness and so much more.......

Private Hands-on instruction
with Dennis Reis will include :
1 hour scheduled private lesson

Round Pen - Establishing a working partnership, how to communicate with your horse through your body language, deepen your horses trust through more stimulus.
Ground School - Riding from the ground, communicating clear intentions and leadership, introducing lateral work, desensitization techniques.
Mounted Work - Developing an independent riding seat, building your riding confidence, footfall and bio-mechanics of movement, lateral work, feel, timing and balance.
Mounted Refined - Understanding vertical flexion, introducing lateral with vertical, self carriage through transitions.

Our Private lessons are non-breed specific and all disciplines of riding are welcome! Dennis will meet you and your horse at whatever level you are at. Be part of a learning experience that will take your skills to new heights of excellence and change the relationship you have with your horse forever!


  • Private 1 hour lessons
  • Full care boarding provided for your horse
  • School horses available

2016/2017 Reis Ranch Private Lesson Schedule

We have made it easier than ever to schedule time for you and your horse to work with Master Horseman Dennis Reis

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